Professionally landscaped homesteads at Willowdale Estate


Willowdale Estate Full Homestead tenants are granted full Estate Manager rights for the ultimate land ownership experience in Second Life®

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Homestead owners have privileges you just don't get on parcelled land …

  • Estate Manager Rights - restart your region, change the terrain textures, change the water level

  • As much privacy as you want - you decide who can visit your region

  • The space to dream - keep the provided landscaping or return it and do your own thing, you decide


Scottish Hebrides

A mostly low-laying land with plenty of building space. If you're familiar with the Outer Hebrides Archipelago there is plenty that you will recognize here from St. Kilda to the low cliffs, the marshlands and a small beach for a brisk swim.


Mountain Lake

This layout has a flat open land area big enough for a mansion, castle or even a little village as well as a very large usable water area with a natural bottom deep enough to satisfy Merfolk and even do a little boating.


beach tropical

This is the layout for beach lovers! Lots of sand, lots of open building space as well as a lagoon to swim in! If you love the beach, this one has it all - even a little island sunning area! There is a lot you can do with this very flexible design to make it your own.


Primal Tropical

If you're used to tropical in SL you'll still be surprised with this homestead. This isn't your typical tacky tiki tropical - this is primal and lush with plenty of places to climb and explore above and below the water and plenty of prims left for you to make it your own.


Castle Rock

This very unique layout comes with a castle that you can either keep or return. There is a large flat building area large enough for your own enormous castle or a little village. There is a large swimming area in a calm lagoon as well as a turbulent water area. It uses 1000 prims without the castle so there are plenty left to work with.



This is the layout for builders who need more open space. It's great for sharing as well, it will fit several good sized homes. There are plenty of great details and features as well, including a very long (2 sides of the region) walkable beach with a large swimming area, a waterfall that flows into rapids and a river, a cozy wooded area and a pond with a party-deck on an island.


Forest retreat

If you like long walks in the woods, this is the layout for you! Follow a path that goes through 3 types of forest, up a mountain, over a waterfall and down the other side, then up to the lookout point over the ocean. It includes a huge waterfall with pond, a beach inlet with large swimming area and still has enough room and prims for a large house or two. This is also a fully season change layout! Seasons are changed upon request and will work no matter how much you have changed the landscaping.

Full Homestead tenants may also request an empty homestead and provide their own raw file for terrain.

Visit us in-world to view these homesteads now!